This course provides the necessary foundation to understand, recognize and apply the concept of 'Ethical Choice' in the socio-technical space of Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems. An ethical choice is a choice that has ethical consequences. This work does not attempt to explain the process of actually making correct ethical choices, i.e., a choice that has morally good consequences. Our focus is twofold: one, identifying ethically-relevant choices and, two, supplying guidance on how they should be processed.

Assessing instances of Ethical Choice is an expertise requiring training, knowledge, experience, and ongoing maintenance.

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learning objectives

We designed this course with the following learning objectives in mind:

  • Mastering ‘basic’ ethical concepts involved in ethically-relevant choices

  • Applying ethical concepts to your team project as a whole

  • Understanding the ethical implications of choices surrounding data sets

  • Understanding the ethical implications of having humans-in-command


  • Self-paced

  • 8 learning units

  • 2-3 learning hours

  • Customizable knowledge checks and final assessment

  • LMS and SCORM ready

topics of the course

  • AAA = AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems

  • The socio-ethical impact of AAA systems

  • How is trust built when adopting AAA systems?

  • The ethical choices you and your org make when designing or employing AAA systems

  • Your role in relation to your organization’s Ethics Committee or Ethics Review Panel

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